Saturday, January 11, 2014

Soupy Weather Calls for Comfort Food!

It's been raining nonstop for two days here in NC, and the weather have run the gamut.  Earlier this week, it got down to 8 degrees (VERY rare here!) and today, though not so cold, we have flash flood warnings.  Either way, it's perfect weather to stay inside with a nice comforting meal.

When it's chilly or rainy outside, my family loves to eat soup of all kinds.  It's easy, can be super healthy, and economical.  Today, we'll enjoy split pea soup with a small twist.  When I was a girl, you couldn't get me near pea soup--the color alone reminded me of all sorts of unappetizing things--boy, was I missing out!  It's DELICIOUS and customarily flavored with ham but today, I use Johnsonville's Sausage Slices--the mild Italian variety, combined with our favorite split pea soup recipe from Allrecipes.  Just substitute the sausage slices for the ham.  I even threw them in frozen because they're precooked and flavor the soup as it cooks!

Look for these in your grocery store freezer.  They are GREAT to have on hand for quick weeknight dinners, and would be fantastic in pastas also.  They contain no MSG, and are gluten-free. 

Eat well today!

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