Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Turkey Tuesday Today!

Even though today's Wednesday and a day late, I like alliteration.  During September, I'm teaming with Butterball and Allrecipes to bring you some easy and DELICIOUS turkey recipes that you can make for yourself and family.  It's called "Turkeytarian Tuesdays" and you'll love it!

Today, I've made Mediterranean Turkey Pasta Salad.  If you like oil and vinegar dressings, fresh vegetables, and feta, you need to try it!  This is a recipe you can easily customize to suit your family's likes or dislikes.  I left out the red onion because it's not our favorite, but everything else is the same.

Isn't it pretty?  And, it's hearty enough to please the menfolk in your life.  I like win-win meals that everyone can eat together.  Not only is the salad super-easy, it's a great make-ahead meal that can be ready in about 30 minutes.  I plan on packing it for lunch tomorrow.

I did a little research on Butterball, and discovered that they are based in my home state of NC.  They offer so many products, and I look forward to sharing the ones I use in the coming weeks--some you are familiar with, others you may not be.  I used their precooked and smoked turkey breast to make this salad.  I wonder if they'd give me a tour if I showed up at their offices.........

Be sure to save this for Thanksgiving turkey leftovers--you'll look forward to this recipe!  Find the recipe here:  Mediterranean Turkey Pasta Salad


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