Sunday, January 22, 2012

Favorite Breakfast for a Crowd

I love to cook for lots of people, and today provided the opportunity to prepare breakfast for my church class.  There are many directions I could have taken with the menu, but I decided on comforting food since it's so cold outside.  We'll talk about healthier menus when it warms up!

 Sausage Casserole (add diced green chilis & pimentos for color)

Maple Bacon Whole Wheat Scones

Add Fruit & Mock Frappuccino to complete the meal

This menu will serve 24 people with normal appetites and would also be great for a brunch--just add a tossed green salad and you're ready to eat.  The "Mock" Frappuccino (or Jenn-uccino as some of my creative friends call it) is nothing more than taking 2% milk and adding enough brewed espresso and sugar to it until it tastes similar to the overpriced bottled version.  You can also make mocha and vanilla variations by adding cocoa powder and vanilla extract to the mix.  In the past, I've tried it with skim milk but it comes out too thin, so for this treat I would advise to sticking with 2%.  For a crowd, I mix a gallon at a time.  It is wonderful, and has enough caffeine to keep you going!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. was so good. Thanks for sharing the recipes!


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