Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snapshot of the Week--Fire Escape

Fire Escape in Chicago

This is the first snapshot in a series about things I've viewed through the lens.  I'll try to post a new picture each week and I hope you'll find something interesting along the way.

I've lived in the country my whole life, so when I visit big cities I look for things that I don't see everyday.  When I say "country" I mean I can drive a few miles in any direction and pass by a cow field or small farm.  We were walking to a restaurant while visiting Chicago, and I happened to notice this fire escape, loved the lines, and knew I wanted to remember it.  The bottom portion of this building is inhabited by a restaurant, but the floors above it were residential.  Another interesting element are the windows--did you notice the different shapes?

I've often thought about how glamorous it would be to live in a big city like Chicago in a building as neat as this one, but I do love cow fields.............

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