Monday, January 23, 2012

The Big Box Theory

Harper's empty box (I think Daddy dressed her that day)

If you have ever given a kid a box, you've probably been amazed at how long they will play with it.  It doesn't matter what was IN the box, they seem to prefer it to the actual toy.  Boxes can become many things when a child uses his or her imagination--cars, boats, shoes, tiny dioramas, doll beds, the list goes on.  With a little creativity and things you have around the house, they can also become your child's playhouse. 
You can go to any grocery or home store and ask for a box, and as long as they haven't already thrown them away, most will give you one big enough for this project.  Harper happens to love puppies, so her playhouse reflects that.
From top to bottom, you'll see paw wrapping paper (the roof & ceiling pattern), dog cards for artwork, and garden scenery clipped from magazines.  The "windows" are made of black duct tape, and the curtains are leftover fabric--hot glued over the windows.  Her dog friends were clipped from magazines.  The drawing on the side wall is Harper's portrait drawn by her big sister and the flag bunting was made from scrapbook paper and simply sewn together.
The finished product
Most of the decorations are glued or hot-glued on, so it really is easy.  I found that you can be as elaborate or as simple as you'd like.  Harper was thrilled to have a big box, as you can see in the first photo, and I think she would have been just as happy to have the features drawn on.
I know we won't keep it forever, but for now we jokingly refer to the playhouse as "Harper's apartment" since she likes to go there to read, play with her stuffed animals, and she even rearranges furniture in it (which consists of dragging her Dora chair in and out along with the rug).  This project would be so much fun on a rainy day, and if the kids are old enough to be involved, this will give them something to remember.  Best of all--it costs next to nothing!

Harper in her "apartment"

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  1. Clever! How cute...too bad I don't have a wee one anymore!


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