Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Getting Published............

Avery's many homemade books--the ones we let her keep

Since she could write letters and talk, Avery has come up with her own stories, some made up, some based on stories that were read to her. And she has always loved to draw. One day I gave her some printer paper stapled together into a makeshift book and told her to draw a story, mainly to occupy her time for a few minutes. And that's how one of her favorite hobbies began.

She writes books for any and every occasion, from her birthday to season changes. Mostly, we write the words for her after she illustrates, but she tells us exactly what to write--after all, it's her story. Many involve animals, and she has even penned a few stories about a cat she named Lisa. Lisa does many of the things Avery does in her life like taking dance classes, going to school, visiting the dentist. Or the one below where Lisa had a spat with her playground friends (notice the mad face). Avery said this didn't really happen to her.............

Now that she's 6, she can write on her own, like in her dramatic barnyard story "Cows Moo All Day":
Update: Avery was irritated that I posted this picture because her words are not spaced well.
Ross is a writer as well, so one day he explained the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Now, she labels her books in case anyone gets confused (very cute!):

She has a dream to have her books in a library so that other children can enjoy them as much as she does. We told her that you have to get a publisher in California, so every now and then she asks when we'll be going. Maybe one day! It's truly a joy to see the talent and interests God has instilled in Avery. She so much a part of me & Ross, yet she is definitely her very own person. There is a book written by Tomie DePaola called The Art Lesson in which he describes himself as a boy who loved to draw, and it's Avery's all-time favorite book. She says that one day, she WILL be an author/illustrator, and I believe she can do it! Along with a mail lady, veterinarian, a teacher, and an artist.................

These are pictures from "Hippity Skippity Easter'. The birds to the left are dressed up for Easter, and the photo to the right shows a mechanical arm dyeing Easter eggs.
It's labeled 'fiction'.

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  1. I love it! Her little book collection is too cute. I can't wait to hear what this girl will accomplish in the future. Sounds like you've got a little author on your hands.


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