Monday, August 25, 2008

Hooray for 1st Grade!

First day of 1st Grade

Today, Avery began her first day of 1st Grade and I was surprised that she was not nervous at all when she woke up. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that she and her very best school friend are in the same class together (thankfully not seated at the same table though--I'm afraid they'd talk all the time). Fortunately, she is so positive when it comes to school and we pray that it lasts. Off she went with her Hello Kitty backpack & lunchbox, ready for the day.
We had such a fun Summer with her, so I'm not too sad to see it officially end. Her birthday was at the very end of school, we traveled some, she got to have more sleepovers than normal with her grandparents--a huge treat for her, and she visited Ross at work. Mostly we accomplished our goal of relaxing and not feeling too rushed during her time off from school. I know when it's just me and the dog at home, I'll miss her constant chatter during the day--always planning a show or a play or what she wants to cook or draw. Ross & I love her so much, and as hard as it is to watch her grow further and further away from the precious baby we held in our arms 6 years ago, it's just as exciting to watch her grow and learn and experience life. It's fun to live somewhat vicariously through the eyes of a 6 year old, especially one who brings to your attention many things you take for granted--a field of tall grass that will one day feed horses & cows, or a cloud shaped like a rabbit driving a car. OK, now I'm weepy........

How cute is this? Ross and his little soccer team

This past Saturday, she began soccer at the Y, with Ross as the head coach. She plays on a co-ed team, and refused to call Ross 'Daddy' on the field to blend in better with her teammates. When she needed a drink, she said, "Coach, can I get some water from Mama?" She has never played on a team before, so she was a bit dismayed that none of the other kids would "let her have the ball" when they were scrimmaging. Playing soccer is exactly what she needs--we explained that she'll have to get in there with everyone else and try to get the ball--but not everyone can have it at the same time. Overall, she LOVED her experience, and we look forward to a fun soccer season. If you want to have some fun one Saturday, come watch the "Rockets" play their opponents...........

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