Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I think a lot, almost too much about things. When a big decision comes my way, I pray over it, I analyze it, I try to predict the outcome, and I sometimes worry about it. I want a guarantee, at least in my mind, that the decision is going to be the right one. It's funny though, because God constantly lets me know that I have no control over most matters, but He does. So my worry is in vain. One of my continuous long-term thoughts has been about what God truly expects from me. I mean, I am a believer, and in His eyes that is what He asks for, but in my heart I know He wants more. One of my favorite Bible verses is James 2:18 which discusses faith & service (aka "works"). Do I always comply? No, of course not. But in my heart there is an understanding that if I don't do more than just show up on Sunday mornings, not only will I not be satisfied, but God will not be able to use me as effectively to glorify Him. It takes effort, it's not always convenient, and it requires time. In my opinion, serving God in normal, everyday life is one of the purest joys He gives us. It also helps having that sense of accomplishment when I have the occasional day where nothing seems to go right. Serving or helping others takes the focus off me and my perceived troubles, and places the focus where it should be: my responsibility to God.

A good friend several years back gave me a visual that comes back to me from time to time. When life gets us down and we become "dusty", God lifts us up (pinch your fingers together), inhales deeply (you can do this!), blows us off (pretend like you're blowing dust off of your pinched fingers), and sets us back down gently (I know this may seem silly, but I love it--set your imaginary person down) to continue on our way. Looking back, God placed so many people in my life to blow off the dust. Just thinking about the long road He crafted for me to get me to this point in my life is humbling. It definitely wasn't an easy journey, but God was always there with me. And He's always there for all of us. God can neither be repaid for His constant mercy, nor does He require it, but as a follower of Jesus, shouldn't we want to spread His love by what we choose to do? Every now & then I wonder how my life would be different if the people who showed me God's love had chosen to ignore my needs instead. I thank them for acting on that spirit of service God instilled in them. And I thank Him for showing me opportunities every day where He can use me.
Does anything or anyone in your life need to be "dusted?" Maybe it's time to inhale.......


  1. Beautiful, Jennifer. I love the idea of "dusting". The more I talk to you, the more I think you and I are very much alike- you're just way more together than I am! :D I JUST posted a comment on your hubby's post on the class website, and I will say it to you, too. I appreciate you guys so much. Thanks for publishing your awesome insights into stuff! You are both awesome "dusters"! Love you!

  2. Hi Jennifer! It has been such a pleasure getting caught up on your blog. Now I'd like to invite you visit mine as well. In regards to "dusting", I know that I've had just the right people placed in my life at just the right time to dust me off when Ive needed it. It's comforting to know that He is looking out for us at all times. Thanks for the reminder!


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