Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Running Girl

This past Saturday Ross, Avery, and I went downtown to Panthers Stadium for the season kickoff celebration. There was a 5K and a kid's run. Ross & Avery had been training for the kid's run for months (which he had been told was about a mile) so they were ready. I was also ready to get some pictures of Avery's monumental first run. We got there during the 5K, and had to wait a bit while the runners finished their race.

As Ross pinned her number on for her (just like Daddy gets in his marathons!), she definitely had the look of a determined runner.

Avery's anticipation built as she knew her race was coming up. She was a mix of excited energy and nervousness. After all, this was a big day for her!

Finally, they corralled all of the kids who were participating to the starting line. It was about 5 yards from the finish line, waaaayy shorter than the mile Ross was told when he signed Avery up! All the time and training, would it be wasted? Not at all.

Avery crossed the Tot Trot finish line strong, and in record time (haha!), and Ross created their own special run for the day immediately afterward.

He took her running for about 20 minutes around Panthers Stadium, past the courthouse, and back. We had so much fun, and Avery got to experience the excitement and reward of hard work.

Way to go, Boogie!!

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  1. Those foul race promoters; liers, every one of 'em.. ;)


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