Saturday, July 26, 2008

Questions from our 6 year old

Avery has always been extremely curious and inquisitive, and she NEVER stops talking! Lately, she's been springing some really thought-provoking questions on us. We've learned to be careful with our answers, and not try to over-explain anything at this point. It's fun to hear what peaks her curiosity at the age of 6. How would you answer the following?:

Her Q: Does God eat breakfast?
Our A: No, God doesn't need food.

Q: Does God have a birthday?
A: God was never born, He has always been. He does make sure that everyone else is born on their own special day.

Q: When I grow up, will I still have the same voice?
A: Probably, just a little bigger.

Q: Wouldn't it be funny if we dressed a baby up as a leprechaun?
A: This one is my absolute favorite. It came out of the blue while we were driving one day, and I'm not really sure how I answered it. I do remember laughing hysterically though!

Q: Will the tooth fairy visit Henry when he loses his baby teeth?
A: I'm not sure since a dog's baby teeth are really hard to find.

This last one came as a result of a conversation we had about Henry (our dog) getting his adult teeth. Avery has lost 2 baby teeth so far, and each time the tooth fairy visited and left a nice note, so she thinks Henry should have the same experience. She presented us with what the "dog tooth fairy" looks like, and here it is (complete with wings & a tutu):This makes sense because Henry is white with black & brown spots. That's him below, playing dominoes with his favorite girl.

It's a lot of fun to be able to experience her curiosity now, and we hope that as she grows older that open communication doesn't diminish. We always want to be able to talk with her, and for her to enjoy the times we spend together. Even when she's 13 and we're embarrassing her, we hope that she'll still want to talk to us. It's so important, and even though her talking drives us crazy at times, we know to appreciate it.

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  1. Love the pic of the "Dog Tooth Fairy!" Avery is quite the artist!
    ~Lisa Rash


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