Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MacGyver's in the House!

Every now and then we'll find things around our house like this:

There is only one person in our house who is capable of creating such a thing. She's small, imaginative, and a bit loopy thanks to genetics. Give this girl a piece of string and some tape, and you'll never guess what she'll come up with next. Avery calls this her "Ladies & Gentleman Microphone 2008". When asked what it was for, she matter-of-factly told me that it's for people who don't have a microphone stand. It serves a purpose! Look closely, you'll notice the paintbrush jammed in the toy microphone tied to the string. She finished it off with her signature girlie tape to secure it to the fireplace and chair pillow. MacGyver never made it to our list when we were trying to decide what to name her, but I believe it would fit!
Along the same lines, she asked for tape, string, a judge's robe & gavel , and a ream of paper for her birthday(she writes her own books--I'll post about that another time). She got 3 out of the 4, simply because there is no market for a child-sized judge's robe ; ). I have a feeling she has many more surprises up her sleeve and we'll continue to find her offbeat creations throughout the house.
Every now and then we benefit from her imagination and sense of sweet generosity, like I did today. She asked me for a box, some wrapping paper and a bow to complete her craft and ordered me to stay in another room until she was ready. When she summoned me, I was presented with this (note the signature girlie tape):

Avery had made me a present! When I opened it, I found these:

She told me they were sunglasses and would protect my eyes from the sun. I don't know about you, but unless she figured out a way to make invisible lenses I'd better stick to my normal UV ray repelling eye protection.
Fun day in the house!

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  1. What a creative little girl! I love the glasses. Those are the gifts that you will remember forever.


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