Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Thanksgiving Tree

Don't you just love Fall?  Scarecrows are present, pumpkins abound, and the tastes seem to warm your soul.  It's also the time of year I try to slow down, and intently focus on what I'm most thankful for in life. Two are pictured above.

My youngest, Harper, and I went on a nature walk at our local park yesterday.  We looked for and collected colorful leaves that had fallen to the ground, and acorns that still had their "hats" as she likes to call them.  She also took her constant companion, "Puppy,"  and gave him a ride on her shoulders.  Because he told her that's what he wanted to do. 
Gosh, she's cute!

I believe it's important to help kids focus on things beyond themselves, and this is a great activity to help them do that: a homemade Thankful Tree.
My girls are 11 and 4 and when I asked them what they wanted to contribute to the tree, I got the usual, "food, candy, chocolate, marshmallows"--can you tell we just finished Halloween?
But then, they really thought and came up with:
Books to read
Stars in the sky
Family breakfasts together
Snacks with Daddy
At the very top on the red maple leaf is God, who deserves our highest praise.

This tree isn't perfect and neither is life, but it's so fun to stop and reflect on what makes you YOU, or what makes your family a family.  My girls were so excited about this fallen branch and some hot glued leaves and acorns, and we can't wait to fill it up with our thanks!

Even if you don't do a tree like ours, I encourage you to write down what you're thankful for with those you love.  It's the surest way to forget the bad that may be present in your life, and focus on what we're supposed to--the blessings we've been given.

I'd love to hear your Thanksgiving projects!


  1. What a neat idea! I'm pinning and sharing. Your daughters are beautiful! :)
    ~ Brooke ~

  2. Love this idea and the tree...and your girls are gorgeous...just like YOU!

  3. I absolutely love this post. You are such a great mom Jennifer!


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