Sunday, September 23, 2012

My McCormick Debut(s)

Do you remember my posts earlier this year about the making of the McCormick Gourmet videos?  They are officially online now, on, McCormick Gourmet, and YouTube.  Please forgive me if I get a little silly, this was the thrill of my life! 

The recipe mixes are truly delicious, all natural, and so incredibly easy.  You simply buy the packet, add the remaining ingredients, and you have a delicious "everyday gourmet" meal to serve to your family.

The mixes are NOW in stores near you, and in my area the approximate price is $1.49-$1.69 per packet.  I've found that you can typically feed a family of four for $10 using these. 

Video one:  Lillian from NY and me from NC

Video two:  Valerie from CA and me from NC
There was also a third video made which I'd like to share with Valerie from CA and Nelly from MO.  Both are fellow foodies, and just wonderful ladies!
Video three
They asked if we wanted hair and makeup, and we opted out so we would appear more like our natural selves.  Of course, looking back, I could've used the help!  Aren't we always our own worst critics?  I think I came across as normal....
This was incredibly fun, and I love being a part of a product I believe in.  McCormick Spices have always been staples in my kitchen pantry, used in practically every meal, and I can depend on them for the best flavor.  I'd love to know if you've tried any of their new spice blands, and what you think of them!
Happy eating, friends!  I truly appreciate those of you who have offered your support and encouragement, it means the world to me.


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  1. I love this post!!! I wish I would have seen it before I spent so much time typing my blog post....which will be published tomorrow morning! I need blog writing lessons! I love how you mention all the important info and how you uploaded the videos directly to your blog page! Just really well written! You Rock! And thanks again for helping me so much during the video filming! You were such a pleasure to cook with! (((HUGS)))


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