Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When Summer Heat is High--Cool Down with Fresh Recipes!

It's hot & humid in NC during the Summer, even more so than usual this year it seems.  Turning on the oven to cook when you're already sweltering doesn't make my top 10 list of fun things to do!  Recently, I made several salads to share with you.  They are relatively easy to put together, require minimal stovetop or grill use, and are cold and delicious! 

The Best Chicken Salad Ever II

The first is my favorite--titled The Best Chicken Salad Ever.  The savory dressing has a fresh lemon tang plus poppyseeds.  Lemon poppyseed anything is a favorite in my house!  I did not use the grapes the recipe lists, but substituted blueberries.  Lemon.  Poppyseeds.  Blueberries.  It's a natural progression, and this chicken salad is oh-so-GOOD! 

Gourmet Egg Salad Sandwich

Next is another main dish salad.  If you like pesto, and feeling like you're in an Italian Cafe, this one may be for you.  You can't see it in the picture, but this egg salad also has BACON.  (That got your attention, didn't it?).  It's delicious, and my 10 year old daughter thought it was one of the best things she's ever eaten.  Jarlsberg cheese is fairly expensive, so you can substitute sliced Swiss if you'd like.

Refreshing Cucumber Watermelon Salad

Lastly, a great side salad for the hottest of Summer days.  If you have a mint explosion in your backyard garden like I do, use some of it here!  All of the flavors complement each other very well, and my only change to the recipe would be to chill it before you serve it to maximize its refreshment factor.  This would be a good introductory recipe for anyone who might be afraid to try something that they deem to be "weird" because cucumber and watermelon aren't as threatening as leeks or fennel.  Baby steps, folks!

Stay cool, and come back again!

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