Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March + St. Patrick's Day = Traditional Irish Fare

Many of you know that Allrecipes is my favorite cooking site,and since it is March the members of the Allstar program were introduced to the UK version to discover some traditional Irish recipes.  I chose to try "Dublin Coddle."  My first thought when reading the title was that it would be some sort of egg dish, but it's not.  The recipe has potatoes (veeerrry Irish!), sausage, bacon, and onions.  And that's IT so it's a very simple recipe to share with your family this St. Patrick's Day.  Plus, it gives another option beyond the weird green milkshake offered by a famous fast food chain!

Break our your dutch oven or  favorite soup pot, and try it this month--it's really delicious.  Hint:  anytime you see bacon, just know that an element of indulgence will automatically be included ; ).  Feel free to browse the site for some amazing British and Irish recipes--it's a whole new world!

Find the recipe here:


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