Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Adorable Antics

Normally I don't like to take Avery shopping with me because it's not her thing. She gets bored very easily, even in toy stores and complains that it's time to go. There are 2 places she loves: SuperTarget and Trader Joe's. This took place elsewhere.

Last week, we stopped by our local Food Lion because they were having an unreal closeout sale on many of the organic frozen foods we like. I was in the process of making selections, and there were some vegetable potpies so I told Avery we'd get some of those. She, with her crazy good memory, immediately flashed back to the 1 time when she was 3 years old and I served potpie muttered, "I don't like potpie." Now this came after a few other complaints she had, so I told her that if she complained about anything else, I just wouldn't be able to give her any of the food we were buying. A few minutes passed, and all was silent. Then the following conversation took place:

Avery (with typical unmodulated volume): "You're trying to KILL me!"

Me (a little puzzled): "What?"

Avery (still unmodulated): "If you don't give me any more food then I'll starve and then I will die. You're trying to KILL me!"

Me (laughing hysterically): "Honey, no I'm not but you have to stop complaining about things!"

Then I hugged and kissed her because it was so funny. She really looked offended! Thankfully not many people were around. She is just hilarious, and such a thinker.

Within the next few days, her teacher sent home some of her school work which included the following exercise on "needs" versus "wants."
It reads:
I need......Cheez-Its, Peanut Butter, Cheerios and Pepto-Bismol (must be for the potpie)
I want......Several bags of candy, a Barbie in a car

Avery wrote: (under needs) 'food helps us to survive. Medicine is to help us feel better.'
(under wants) 'Candy is bad for you. Barby doll you can live without them.'

She has eaten since the episode, and she's still healthy! It's so much fun to see how her mind works, and we never know what she's going to say next!

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