Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Turkey Tuesday #3: The ULTIMATE Turkey Sandwich

One of my all-time favorite sandwiches is a turkey, cranberry sauce (MUST be whole berry), and brie sandwich.  When I discovered this recipe from Butterball Turkey, my heart skipped a beat.  It not only combines my favorite sandwich ingredients, but adds sliced green apple and Dijonnaise to the mix.  WOW was this a great sandwich!  With savory maple turkey, the spicy zip of Dijonnaise, sweet cranberry sauce, crisp and crunchy apples, and creamy brie, this is going in my favorites file.

For those that dislike leftover Thanksgiving turkey, this will change your mind.  Find the recipe here, along with the variation I made in the footnotes:

Cranberry Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow!

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