Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eat More................Bison!

Hello lovelies.

This month, I was fortunate enough to team up with Allrecipes as they helped The Bison Council launch!  It's a protein I had never tried before but after reading about the benefits, I plan on incorporating it into my menu more often.  Here are some facts from The PR Newswire Release, including some well-known chefs who have taken part in the bison initiative:

'Bison meat is lower in cholesterol than both beef and chicken, and contains less saturated fat than beef. As an essential resource on all things bison, The Bison Council will dispel common myths and reestablish this protein as a wise option for red meat lovers.
To help spread the word, three nationally-recognized food and health professionals have teamed up as ambassadors for this delicious protein to draw attention to bison's many nutrition facts. The Bison Council's founding ambassadors include five-time James Beard Award nominated chef and owner of Chicago's mk The Restaurant, Michael Kornick; MS, RD, television host and best-selling author, Ellie Krieger; and nationally-acclaimed food writer and founder of Meatopia, Josh Ozersky.'

I was asked to prepare an amazing cut:  Short Ribs!  We love beef short ribs because they're cooked low and slow in order to infuse the flavors of the recipe into super tender meat.  These bison short ribs did NOT disappoint, and my family loved them just as much.  Don't be intimidated if you've never cooked bison or short ribs, this recipe makes it easy.  You sear the ribs and then......wait for it...........they linger in your slow cooker for hours until they're ready for dinner!  The flavors of soy sauce, orange juice, garlic, and fresh ginger permeate the meat and once plated over rice, watch your beef-eaters convert!  These are incredibly delicious, I wish I could invite you over for dinner. 

Find the recipe here:

What do you think?  Is bison something you're interested in trying?  

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