Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Sweet and Fun Spin on Halloween

We're not into terrifying children on Halloween, so for the Halloween party, I decided to keep it sweet, simple, and fun.   If you saw my previous post, you already have the tools you need to throw a fun get-together on a budget, and now it's time to party!

I asked the kids to come in their favorite costumes or seasonal clothing and had some very easy activities planned.  First, they made their own Creepy Mini Pizzas and each one was customized!  I made the crusts in advance, and set up a pizza station so each child could decorate his or her pizza to look as creepy or funny as they wanted.  Notice the caramel corn treat bag goodies in the back--they ended up being super-creative and used some of those ingredients also.

After baking the pizzas, here's how they looked--didn't they do a fa-BOO-lous job?  I'm the queen of bad puns......

Since I also served Mini Crescent Mummy Dogs , I kept the pizza toppings meat-free to try and get some veggies in the kids.  They chose from sliced tomatoes, multicolored sweet pepper strips, black olives, and parsley.  Of course, some opted to use pretzels and peanuts, but how cute are they?  The best thing about these is that they ate every last bite.

They also got to create their own take home treat boxes using with the Caramel Corn I made for the party.  They added pretzels, salted peanuts, dried cranberries, and a little candy.  This stuff is so good, and I was glad they were helping it to leave the house or else I would've eaten my weight in it!

After, we decorated mini pumpkins with Sharpies.  I know what you're thinking, but they turned out better than paint.  Even my 3 year old was able to decorate hers and there were no stained hands or clothing.

Their finished products.  The kids ranged in age from 3 to 12, and you can guess which jack-o-lantern belongs to which age.  I love kids' art!

Next, this is the one thing that grossed them out a bit.  You've probably heard about Halloween pranks involving peeled grape eyeballs, fake blood, and frozen hands in the punch, but I stumbled upon some squid ink fettucini and knew it would be perfect for.............the BRAIN!

Cook the pasta as you normally would, toss in a small drizzle of olive oil to give it a brainy sheen, refrigerate it in a small bowl for a few hours to help it hold its shape.  If you've ever had leftover spaghetti, you know what happens to it in the fridge.  Perfect brain consistency!
I hope I haven't turned you off of your leftover spaghetti.

Without telling them what it was, we took the kids one by one into the hall and had them close their eyes to touch the "brain."  A friend of mine posted an article on Halloween tricks involving food items and this next trick caught my attention.  Take a sliced pickle, and rub it on the kids' arm while blindfolded or their eyes are closed and tell them they are being licked by a werewolf.  This caused the most squealing and they all wanted to know what it was that licked them.  Then they complained about smelling like pickle juice--silly kids!

I think they're ready to trick-or-treat!  If they show up at your house, don't lick them with a pickle ; )

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