Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Double Digits are so in Fashion!

Table Setting
One of my favorite things to do is plan birthday parties!  When my daughter informed me that this was her "double digit" birthday, I knew we needed to make it extra-special.  I'm not cut from the cloth that believes in extravagant gifts or parties for children, but I do try to make my girls know that their birthdays matter.  After all, it's the day God chose to welcome them to the world!

The only real request my daughter had as a rising 10 year old was that she wanted to have a fondant cake.  I have never worked with it, and didn't care to have a crash course with no guarantee that the final cake would even be presentable.  Maybe one day I'll dive in to fondant, but now was not the time.
Luckily, I found a WONDERFUL local lady who had great reviews, and she truly impressed us beyond our expectations.  I gave her one of Avery's birthday plates to work with, and this was the final result.  I added the dress form on top since it was a "Fashion Extravaganza" party.

Not only was it beautiful, but it was out of this world delicious.  The top layer was a yellow cake filled with buttercream and peach, and the bottom layer was dark chocolate cake filled with raspberry.  Yum!

A light lunch of fresh fruits and vegetables, and small sandwiches was served to leave room for cake and ice cream.  My daughter chose baby BLTs, or LTs, and one guest just wanted a B.  I think they just found it funny to pare down the sandwich ingredients.  We also had cucumber sandwiches which I could have every day in the Summer!  Try them for yourself, they'd also be perfect for an afternoon snack or tea party with friends.
Small Cucumber Sandwiches
Jones Fufuberry Soda--a great girly drink!
Dressy treat bags--designed on paper by the birthday girl ; )
Avery's main gift-a wire dress form

If you're interested in throwing a fashion-themed party for your girl that doesn't involve zebra or cheetah print, here are some more tips.  Fill small vases with tiny buttons, then add your flowers.  I found some buttons on ebay in pale pinks and ivory tones for the table vases.  Flowers came from our garden and Trader Joe's ($12 total!).  A plain white tablecloth served as the backdrop for everything, and glittery pink fabric was used as a table runner for extra sparkle. 
To make the treat bags, purchase inexpensive solid or kraft paper bags and some coordinating ribbon, use your own glue sticks and white tissue paper (this would also be a sweet idea for a bridal shower).  Cut the tissue paper into rectangles, and glue it while scrunching (that's my technical term) to the back of your waistline ribbon.  This does not have to be perfect to look great!  On the wider ribbon, iron both ends for a cleaner look, and glue it to the bag first, then glue the skirt you made right at the waist.  The finishing touch is a crepe paper corsage, but you could also use a small silk flower.  Voila!  Custom treat bags.  I filled them with small bundles of fabric tied with twine and a glass button, and mini sewing kits so the party guests could create their own doll fashion at home.  Nestle this on pattern paper inside the bag.
Making the treat bags

The guests were invited to wear their favorite casual fashions to keep it comfortable.  Activites included a magazine scavenger hunt with prizes for the girl who found the fashion item first (silver bracelet, green shirt, etc...), a walk the runway photo shoot, a build the best Barbie outfit contest, and making feathered headbands.

Avery said this was her "best party ever!"  I can't believe she's 10.  My wonderful girl is growing up, and it's exciting, but it also makes me nostalgic for her sweet baby cheeks and grin. 

Silly party girls!

Happy 10th birthday!


  1. I enjoyed this so much Jennifer. Being the Mom of 4 boys I don't get to be part of this level of girliness very often. Absolutely lovely!

  2. What a sweet birthday party! I miss those days of cute girly birthday themes! It looks like she had so much fun!


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