Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Means Thank You

Me & My Girls
     I love Mother's Day.  Now that my husband and I have two adorable daughters, it's taken on a whole new meaning for me, and I do things a little differently because of it.  God has blessed us with the most wonderful girls (don't all Moms say that sometimes?) and I am thankful to have them in my life.  My oldest, Avery, has a lot of my characteristics:  Creative, a little shy around new friends, her brain is always working, and she looks most like me.  My youngest, Harper, has a lot of her Daddy's characteristics:  Loves to dance, is crazy funny, never stops moving, and looks just like her Dad, except for her huge blue eyes.

Sweet Sisters

Every Mother's Day, I take the opportunity to choose a card for each of my girls to thank them for making me a mother.  Some years it's a simple handwritten note, others it's a fancier store-bought card.  But the sentiment is always the same, and I think this is the perfect day to show how much I love them too, when they're showering me with hugs and kisses.

I started this when my oldest was very young, and just love the tradition.  I hope that my daughters will look back on this day with fond memories, and know just how special they were to me when I'm long gone.  It makes me sappy just thinking how much I love these girlies!

OK, now onto us mothers!  After all, it is our special day.  If you're looking for an idea to give your husband or kiddos to help you feel appreciated, breakfast in bed is a great place to start.  Here is a wonderful recipe that I tried recently, and what a treat they were.  If you've never made crepes, this recipe is what I would consider to be foolproof.

Cheesecake Crepes
The recipe calls for frozen berries, but fresh are in season now in most places, so that's what I recommend.  I also opted to leave the crepes whole instead of refrigerating and slicing.  These would be a special breakfast or even dessert for the wonderful Mother in your life!  And, they are easier than you might think.  Follow the directions, use a small to medium sized nonstick pan, and you won't have any trouble at all.  Add Mom's favorite coffee and you'll be her favorite, at least for the day!


I hope your Mother's day is full of frolic and mirth, and very special for you!


  1. What a sweet and loving post Jennifer!!! Yes, Avery looks just like you, lovely!!! I'll have to take your word for it about your younger daughter since I've never seen your hubby! I love crepes!! Thats a great idea! I'll have to make the crepes for my family and they can fill them for me! YUM!!! Thank you for a peek into your Mother's Day traditions!

  2. Oh how sweet - what a wonderful tradition and beautiful girls! The crepes look devine. Have a blessed Mother's Day.

  3. What a great tradition you've started with your girls Jennifer! How sweet :)


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