Monday, November 3, 2008

Joy: Halloween Style

We had such a good time on Halloween! First was the Downtown Concord "Candy Crawl". Avery, along with hundreds of other trick-or-treaters, went door to door of participating businesses to collect candy and treats. There was also a craft station and games, and the day could not have been more beautiful. Next, we went home to prepare for the next round. Ross took Avery out in the neighborhood while I passed out candy to the little Halloween travelers. She was so incredibly excited! I received a call about 10 minutes after they left from Ross to inform me that our butterfly was sprinting from door to door. They got back at a decent hour with loads of candy, so Avery helped me give treats to the final trick-or-treaters. It's so much fun preparing her costume, getting her dressed up, and she gets so excited she can't stand it! We always have fun as a family this time of year, it's so joyful being together and experiencing Avery's delight.

1 comment:

  1. I just love a pretty butterfly too! Did you make her costume?

    I agree, it's so fun to sit back and enjoy the world through the eyes of your child. I can just picture a big smile on Avery's face as she flitted from house to house. I'm so glad she had a fun time.

    How are you doing these days? I sure do miss visiting with you!


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